April 26 - 30 | 2021

Speaker Interview

Mariam Zahedi

Functional Manager – Manufacturing Systems

McKinsey & Company

1. Could you tell us more about any projects you are working on currently and/or your area of expertise?

Mariam has recently supported the development of the future strategy of manufacturing, whilst launching a new digital Manufacturing system. A strategy and system that promoted collaborative working and enhances the importance of extreme ownership.

2. How is consumer demand for automotive shifting, and how will it look by 2030?

Consumers are becoming more conscious of the environmental impacts that their vehicles have, and we are seeing an increase and shift in demand for electric vehicles. Bentley aims to be at the forefront of introducing new technologies and ways of working, so we must ensure that our people come on this journey with us and are upskilled and developed to support these changes.

3. What are some of the enduring challenges facing women in the automotive industry? How are companies working towards finding solutions?

There is still only a small number of women in automotive and trying to increase the number of women in automotive is a challenge, however I do feel that the industry has now recognised the importance of having diverse teams and the role women play in this. It doesn’t stop there though, as we become more diverse we have to ensure we are fostering an all-inclusive environment. At Bentley we believe that creating a truly diverse workforce and inclusive culture is key and is now part of our Beyond100 strategy. We have committed to achieving 30% diversity in management by 2025.

 Aleksander Rzepecki