April 26 - 30 | 2021

Mariam Zahedi

Functional Manager – Manufacturing Systems


Mariam graduated from Birmingham University with a Masters in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering and has spent her career in the automotive industry.

Mariam is currently the Manufacturing Systems team Manager at Bentley Motors where the holistic experience she has gained throughout various manufacturing roles drives her latest project in developing a new digital manufacturing system. A system that focuses on a collaborative approach across all of manufacturing. She has played a key role in shaping the development of the future manufacturing strategy to help deliver Bentley’s future products and Beyond 100 strategy.

During Mariam’s 10 years in automotive she has understood the importance of people and truly believes that manufacturing is a people business. Throughout her career she has recognised the importance of having diverse teams and creating working environments that are inclusive.

She recently won an Inspiring Automotive Women Award 2020 for her ability to strategically think and understand the impact to the business, strong change management and creating an inclusive working environment where she positively encourages her peers to be their best selves.

Mariam Zahedi