April 26 - 30 | 2021

Luca Bono

Technology Advisor

Luca Bono works as strategic senior technology and sale specialist of Lithium Ion batteries integration in several sectors including Automotive. He performs technology and a sales/marketing activities interpreting the engineering problems from a commercial and consumer prospective, accelerating the time to market process.

Luca is a cross-functional catalyst with a constant focus on the market requirements, sales and cost efficiency. He has been engaged and supported the development of a number of new mobility projects for different companies. Luca has performed several managerial and technical training and has been invited to speech as expert of subject matter. 

With more than 20 years’ experience,  he holds a technology background MSc. Electrochemistry from University of Milan and EMBA at MIP - Politecnico di Milano School of Management. His professional growth has been following a path marked by strong international & technical contest through innovative and multidisciplinary channels, engaged in sectors of Energy Storage Technology: Aerospace, Stationary, Automotive and Electronics.