April 26 - 30 | 2021

Dr. Gerhard Nowak

Partner/ Vice president

Gerhard is a partner at the Munich office of BAIN & COMPANY with over 25 years of international industry and consulting experience.

Gerhard's spezialization lies within the field of entire operations excellence improvements in traditional and digitized manner. He gathered extensive experience within the automotive, manufacturing and electronics industries. Gerhard also has substantial international experience, having served clients across Europe, Asia and the USA.

Before joining BAIN, Gerhard was Partner at PwC Strategy& (previously Booz& Company). During that time he spent 3 years in China as Managing Director/ International Director and was also member of the PwC Strategy& Digital Leadership Team.

His industrial background is with two 1st tier automotive and household applicance suppliers in Italy and Germany, where he worked for more than 7 years as Managing Director. His main focus had been business development, restructuring and the optimization of the value add chain including setup of new plants in Lithuania and Czech Republic.

Gerhard holds a Diploma and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the TU Munich (Germany).