• 2nd largest European automobiles manufacturer

  • 1000 companies dedicated to the supply chain

  • 83% of the production is exported

  • 10% of Spain's manufacturing GVA

  • 364,000 people employed directly or indirectly

  • €1.53 billion invested in R&D

In 2021, Spain continued to maintain its position as the 2nd largest European manufacturer and 8th largest manufacturer worldwide. Spain’s core industrial strength is its production of commercial vehicles. 82% of the 2.81 million vehicles produced in Spain are for export. These exports are mainly to the Old Continent, but also to Turkey, the United States, Mexico, Israel, and Africa.

Currently in Spain, there are roughly 40 different vehicle models assembled in 17 factories, operated by 8 manufacturers. They produce models that have international demand including the Citroën C4 Cactus, Mercedes Clase V, Renault Captur etc. and those exclusive to the European market, for example the Nissan Pulsar and NV 200.


  • 2nd European producer, 9th worldwide.
  • 1st European producer of industrial vehicles.
  • 1,000 automotive equipment manufacturers operate within the region.
  • Strong investments in R&D and the production of new models.
  • The Capital, Madrid, is said to be a ‘true laboratory’ for the development of carsharing and moto sharing solutions.
  • The MOVES plan, an incentive-based scheme for purchasing and charging stations, is soon to be rolled out with a budget of 55 million euros.
  • Imports EUR 40.1 billion
  • Exports EUR 44.5 billion
  • Accounts for 10% of Spanish GDP.
  • Creates 9% of employment in Spain.